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MODEL PORTFOLIOS - ZED Card or Composite (comp) Card Photography - Model Photography | GLAMOUR and FASHION MODEL PORTFOLIO Photography PACKAGES

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VIP Image Studios Photography -  A Professional Photography Agency

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The following text is geared towards teenage audiences. If you are not a teenager the prices on this page do apply, but for text that applies to you, please click

Are you looking for a photographer to shoot photos of your teenage daughter or son? Do you want your daughter to pursue a career in print or high fashion modeling? Do you need photos for her portfolio?

Do you just want great photographs of your teenage daughter or son to frame for your wall or dresser? Capture them now while they look their best!

Are you a teenager wanting to break into modeling and are you looking to update your model portfolio? Looking for a photographer to create a comp card for your photographic modeling debut? Or do you just want to give photographic modeling a try?

Then look no further.

Don Pedro and VIP Image Studios have enjoyed a long and successful history as photographer and Photography Studio of teen models that are often referred by modeling agencies and their models for portfolio work in Fashion and Beauty. Our photography has started the careers of many young teen model by helping them with their portfolios.

Our founder, Don Pedro, and the VIP Image Studios team of photographers are experienced professional fashion photographers with wide acclaim. Our modeling photographs have been published in national magazines and we maintain a steady backlog of projects as evidence of the quality and the customer service we provide. We also shoot aspiring model portfolios on a daily basis.

VIP Image Studios photographs teen model portfolios boys and girls of all ages - however teen models wishing to do glamour photography must be 15 years or older. Whether you are an established professional model, just looking to update your portfolio, or if you have never modeled but just want to give it a try, you should contact us to photograph your model portfolio.

VIP Image Studios rates for teen model portfolio photography are very affordable and our studio can also provide professional hairstylists and makeup artists if needed.

As a mentor and professional teen model photographer, our studio owner, Don Pedro, has had the privilege of hand picking, and nurturing many new models who now pursue successful photographic modeling careers. Some of these successful teen models started their career by simply getting their model portfolio photography done by Don Pedro.

So if you are a teen and you think you have what it takes, just give it a try. What have you got to lose? Call our studios to find out how you can get a professional teen model portfolio done at a very affordable cost.

And if you do have that something special, rest assured that Don Pedro will recognize it and, with your permission, submit your photos from your teen model portfolio to magazines and modeling agencies.

Over the years as a professional fashion photographer, Don Pedro's photography have been published in many of the worlds premier magazines.

VIP Image Studios has also supplied stock model photography which appear on postcards and calendars worldwide.

Based in Miami Beach, our studios regularly shoot professional teen models as well as amateur teen models wishing to break into the modeling world.

Always on the look out for new modeling talent, Don Pedro welcomes test calls from prospective and hopeful teen models.

If you are interested in being a published teen model, or just getting some photos taken for your teen model portfolio, please call VIP Image Studios at 305.433-2232 to set up an appointment for a test photo shoot, or email us by clicking on the Contact Us link.

VIP Image Studios Photography is A Professional Photography Agency